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The VSN Edge

The Netlinkz VSN Edge is the data-path aggregation point, terminating secure client connection from remote mobile or desktop clients. As the hub point, the VSN Edge securely segments or cross-connects client connections, allowing Enterprises to obtain full control of how data is exchanged amongst its employees, partner, users and/or devices.

The VSN Edge holds the data-plane/control-plane function built using Linux-based operating systems and associated libraries optimised for forwarding performance (VPP/DPDK). The user-space application is constructed based on python/node/NoSQL and is deployed as a collection of container-based services distributed as a VM-image.

The Netlinkz VSN Edges are managed and operated by Netlinkz. In contrast to the orchestrator, the VSN Edges may be hosted by Netlinkz or hosted directly in the customer’s infrastructure depending on specific requirements and desired commercial model.

The VSN Edge come in virtual and physical form-factor.

1- VSN Edge virtual form-factor compatibility matrix.

2- VSN Edge physical form-factor specifications.