We connect.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

A paradigm shift in speed and productivity

Netlinkz delivers a new era in connectivity for enterprise-level businesses with Starlink technology. Unlock limitless potential with high-speed internet, empowering organisations to connect, collaborate, and thrive anywhere, on any device. Experience the next generation of business operations with Netlinkz, revolutionising connectivity, productivity, and growth worldwide.

Netlinkz partners with Starlink to bring cutting-edge satellite technology to large-scale enterprises, unlocking limitless possibilities for businesses with global operations.

True mobility

Work wherever you want. Whenever you want.

Advanced, low-orbit satellite constellation offers enterprise clients an infinitely scalable network and uninterrupted high-speed internet connectivity in any location. This enables seamless execution of data-intensive tasks from anywhere, at any time, empowering enterprises with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

business without compromise

Freedom to ideate, innovate and evolve.

Experience seamless, high-speed connectivity tailored for enterprise clients, ensuring flawless performance of the latest cloud apps and services. Embrace the limitless possibilities that these cutting-edge technologies offer, empowering your business to thrive on the cloud.

Scale at will

Nothing holding
you back.

Whether it’s ten units or ten thousand units, Starlink + Netlinkz empowers enterprises to connect and integrate entire systems and perform at maximum velocity.

simple to manage

Complete control at your finger tips.

Starlink from Netlinkz allows your team to optimise performance for every device across your business, all from a simple centralised portal.

Peace of Mind

The Netlinkz
customer promise.

At Netlinkz, our dedicated Customer Success team is here to provide personalised support for every Starlink purchase. From seamless deployment and integration to ongoing servicing and technical support, we are fully committed to ensuring your success. Trust our team to be with you every step of the way.

Netlinkz + Starlink deliver for enterprise customers

What enterprise clients are saying about Starlink + Netlinkz

It’s an entirely different world…Before Starlink we had to ration data. Now we have files downloading, Zoom going and there’s no latency whatsoever.

William D.

Netlinkz installed our Starlink …the connection was instant. It was so easy and quick; now I can work from home with direct access to applications hosted in the public and private cloud.

Managing Director, Australian Chamber of Commerce

Millions are not connected to the Internet — we’re thrilled to say that we’re no longer among them. Blistering fast and online in minutes, Starlink ends 
a six-year journey.

Neil V, New South Wales Australia

Absolute game changer! There’s no overpromising and underdelivering like our old slow provider. In under 5 minutes we’ve gone from the forgotten to having the fastest internet connection in the area.

Aaron W

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