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Netlinkz VSN helps prepare your business for the post-pandemic era

With data underpinning every decisive moment, the security and integrity of data transmission becomes even more important.

Netlinkz Virtual Secure Network (VSN) is a Network-as-a-Service offering that secures and optimises connectivity to the device. Is your infrastructure ready for the hyper-mobile workforce era? Over 35% of organisations workforce will adopt hybrid working models by 2022.


Built for mobility

Today's software defined networking solutions have been designed for fixed infrastructure and users. VSN is an infrastructure agnostic solution that defines and enforces security policies to the user's device, allowing true mobility on any network at any location.

Built for scale

Infrastructure solutions demand upfront spend to cater for forcasted growth. Netlinkz VSN provides a just in time model that scales with your organisation size, traffic usage and requirements.

Built for users

Today's solutions deploy policies at predetermined infrastructure locations. Netlinkz VSN security policies follow the user, improving and personalising the user experience by combining identity, security and performance.

Netlinkz VSN addresses direct market drivers that SD-WAN fails to deliver.
Enterprise data
security mobility reliability performance

Reduce annual costs

Netlinkz VSN dramatically reduces capital expenditure and operating costs by reducing the number of branch devices.

Rapid Deployment

Netlinkz VSN speeds network deployment by creating a simple three step deployment that can be completed in hours not days or weeks.

Improved performance

Netlinkz VSN Edges can be globally deployed to be closer to user locations, shortening the distance of data travel.

Security compliant

Improve the security of cloud applications by implementing an end-to-end zero-trust access for every user from their device.

Work from anywhere

Secure access to corporate applications and resources for mobile users. Encrypting corporate data for privacy and compliance.

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Zero Trust branch networking

Unified security policy for in-office, home workers and mobile users. Deployed globally from a central network orchestration portal.

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Access cloud-based apps and resources

Fast and secure access for mobile users with encrypted data connection that protects privacy and corporate compliance.

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