We connect.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Unprecedented levels of speed and security.

Netlinkz transforms Starlink technology into an enterprise-grade service providing secure high-speed internet and an invisible cloud network. Your entire organisation can work anywhere, on any device, protected from the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Easily integrate with major public cloud providers and services

Starlink partners with Netlinkz to enhance its satellite technology
to create a new dimension of security and connectivity

True mobility

Work securely whenever and wherever you want.

Netlinkz VSN empowers Starlink’s constellation of advanced, low-orbit satellites to deliver an infinitely scalable, secure network and uninterrupted high-speed internet in any location.


They can’t hack what
they can’t see.

As cyber threats and their cost to business increase exponentially, organisations need to deploy network security that ensures valuable data and devices are invisible to hackers.

Peace of Mind

The Netlinkz
customer promise.

Our Netlinkz Customer Success team supports every Starlink VSN purchase. Localised deployment and integration, servicing and technical support are all part of our ongoing commitment to you.

Security without compromise

Freedom to ideate,
innovate and evolve.

Ensure your sensitive data and devices are invisible from hackers and cyber threats, while your organisation enjoys high-speed uninterrupted connectivity.

Scale at will

Nothing holding
you back.

Whether it’s one unit or one thousand units, your Starlink VSN arrives with everything you need to quickly integrate your entire organisation on any device, in any location.

Simple to manage

Complete control at
your finger tips.

Starlink VSN allows your IT team to customise security policies and optimise performance for every device across your whole business, all from a simple centralised portal.

VSN + Starlink by the numbers


Unparalleled levels
of cyber security.

Netlinkz VSN delivers your organisation military-grade encryption, a dedicated zero-trust network and zero-touch installation. All users and devices are seamlessly integrated and instantly invisible to hackers and cyber threats. Your network secured by VSN.


Secure your CCTV
and IoT Systems

A significant challenge with CCTV and IoT platforms is the assumption that these systems are secure. However, all data must be securely transmitted, integrity checked and stored. Not doing so will lead to a breach of privacy and legal obligations. Secure your cameras and devices with VSN.

What our clients are saying about Starlink VSN

It’s an entirely different world…Before Starlink we had to ration data. Now we have files downloading, Zoom going and there’s no latency whatsoever.

William D.

Installed the Netlinkz Client…the connection was instant. It was so easy and quick; now I can work from home with direct access to applications hosted in the public and private cloud.

Managing Director, Australian Chamber of Commerce

Millions are not connected to the Internet — we’re thrilled to say that we’re no longer among them. Blistering fast and online in minutes, Starlink ends a six-year journey.

Neil V, New South Wales Australia

Personally, I haven’t seen a technology deploy so quickly whilst including a consistent security model. The policies were attached to the user independent of the location and connectivity being used.

Ops Manager, IT Department, Melbourne construction company

Absolute game changer! There’s no overpromising and underdelivering like our old slow provider. In under 5 minutes we’ve gone from the forgotten to having the fastest internet connection in the area.

Aaron W