Optimise your
entire enterprise

Empower your team on any device from any location 
with the next generation of secure, cloud-first networks.

The secure cloud-first network that gives
your entire enterprise true mobility

Be in complete control

Modernising your network is a business strategy focused on employees, partners, and customers regardless of where they are. The Netlinkz Network allows your IT team to customise policies that combine identity, security and optimised performance, for each individual device, where ever it is, all from a centralised portal.

Nothing to hold you back

We designed the Netlinkz Network cloud-first to deliver world-class security and scale to handle massive traffic volumes without latency. As a result, your business can perform at its optimum level regardless of threats, firewalls or local internet capabilities.

Keep your data safe

Backed by a zero-trust foundation, IPSEC over GRE tunnels featuring 256-bit AES encryption, our intelligent, proactive security protects a modern workforce wherever ever they may go. Eliminating the risk of ransomeware, lateral movement, and data loss from malicious insiders, external attacks and accidental exposure.

Next Gen hardware-less network

Large-scale enterprise workforces have shifted to needing more mobile and global networks. As an infrastructure and location-agnostic network Netlinkz allows access to resources over private, public, wired, wireless or cellular services eliminating the need for hardware.

Optimise your operations without
compromising connectivity or security

With lighting fast performance, limitless, simple scalability and consistent, secure availability Netlinkz empowers your whole enterprise to perform at their best in any location.

Unlimited, secure team collaborations

The Netlinkz app is downloaded for a plug-and-play experience and proper zero-touch connection. Anyone on your team can collaborate securely from anywhere with amazing performance.

Securely integrates with major cloud applications

Work freely on all major public cloud providers and services with complete confidence. 
There is no need to use obscure, inferior cloud apps or implement complex design or operational re-engineering.

Securely connect global workforces and data centres

Regardless of location or local internet standards, all team members have personalised access to IT operations and equipment for storing, processing, and disseminating data.

Secure and connect 
PC, MAC, IOS & Android

Quickly downloading the Netlinkz app on any operating system allows your entire team, regardless of size or location, to use the apps that will help them optimise their workflow.

Intuitive UX gives your IT team control to personalise

Your IT can centralise strict, user-specific policies that require only minutes to adjust. Creating a user experience that is consistent and secure everywhere plus always performance optimised.

Regulatory compliance that scales with your business

Netlinkz adheres to rigorous security, availability, and privacy standards so customers can confidently adopt our services.

Easily integrate with major public cloud providers and services

But don’t just take our word for it.

Installed the Netlinkz app…the connection was instant. It was so easy and quick; now I can work from home with direct access to applications hosted in the public and private cloud.

Managing Director, Australian Chamber of Commerce

Personally, I haven’t seen a technology deploying so quickly whilst including a consistent security model. Furthermore, the policies were attached to the user independent of the location and connectivity being used.

Ops Manager, IT Department, Digging company

Regardless of the security challenge,
Netlinkz will protect you

Block threats hiding within encrypted traffic

Netlinkz gives your IT team the centralised control to deploy policies to create a level of security that will protect the integrity of your organisation's IT system and data.

Minimising attack surface

The attack surface is all access points that an unauthorised person could use to enter your system. 
Netlinkz makes your organisation immediately invisible to hackers - meaning they can’t find any 
attack surface to enter through.

Limit data loss

Netlinkz assists advanced data loss prevention tools and technologies that help monitor, detect and block confidential information from being transmitted outside your network.

Eliminate lateral movement

If one of your employees exposes your business to a cyber threat, Netlinkz security protocols and zero-trust limit the damage attackers can do while giving your team time to detect and, ultimately, eject the attacker from the environment.