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The Netlinkz VSN

The Virtual Secure Network

Enterprise workforce has shifted in support of hybrid working. As users become more mobile, their connectivity should follow them ensuring consistent availability, security, and performance.

Netlinkz developed VSN to address this new phenomenon, providing a solution that offers consistent availability, security, and performance regardless of user location. As employees connect in branch, from home or public Internet cafes, IT administrators must ensure that employees have privileged access (determined by IT policies) to required resources to perform their work duties.

In other words, Enterprises require a solution that combines identify-based access, performance driven path selection (assuming multiple paths to a resource are available) and encrypted communications while allowing IT administrators to personalise such combination for each employee (user) regardless of their physical locale or access infrastructure.

The proposed solution comprises of the key pillars that characterise the proposition:

ID Pillar Description
1 User-centricity Personalised policies that combine identity, security and performance, defined and enforced per device (user) to address the growing security concerns of IT departments.
2 User-centric Location and infrastructure agnosticity Infrastructure agnostic capability allowing accessibility to Enterprises resources over private, public, wired, wireless or cellular modalities to minimise infrastructure complexity or forced refreshes.
3 Optimised experience Realtime evaluation of performance across all available access modalities to dynamically adjust connection parameters based on connectivity performance to optimised user-experience.
4 Central Management Shared or dedicated central portal for management. Distribution and maintenance integrated with existing SOE practices and software and device management suites
5 SaaS consumption Consumption based with optional subscription terms per device (user) to assist with constraints budgets offering a grow-as-you-go approach to investing.

Unlike other alternatives, the Netlinkz VSN solution is a NaaS proposition that is user-centric, creating a per-user private network that is available, secure and performance optimized, for authorized users regardless of their location.

Being a SaaS platform, Enterprises have the flexibility to pay either based on consumption with no term commitments or per-user subscription model.

The Netlinkz VSN allows Enterprises to embrace their new-normal by allowing IT department to consistently enforce employee connectivity policies (compliance), simplifying operations (cost), improving security (business continuity), while directly correlating technology investment to user-productivity (value).

In essence, the Netlinkz VSN combines the advanced features of SD-WAN with the power of client VPN, changing the way Enterprise think about user-to-user or user-to-application connectivity. Our vision is to personalize every user connection by optimizing its availability, security, and performance.