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Driving productivity and efficiency across the entire manufacturing supply chain

Netlinkz’s Virtual Secure Network (VSN) technology is the flexible and secure networking solution.

Organisations use VSN to protect IoT device data and quarantine IoT networks through micro-segmentation. With VSN, Netlinkz offers an end-to-end secure network across the entire manufacturing value chain, ensuring protection of intellectual property, processes and performance. This helps manufacturing companies embrace new technologies to drive higher productivity and efficiency.

Flexible Network Security

Netlinkz’s flexible network secures communication channels within a business and is particularly well-suited not just for IoT devices and applications also for inter-office connections and home users.

Secure Data

Netlinkz helps secure sensitive data across the entire manufacturing value chain. Office networks and remote users.

Device Protection

Netlinkz protects IoT devices, mobile users and office users by quarantining networks through micro-segmentation.

Rapid Deployment

Netlinkz deploys VSN with close to zero-touch client con-figuration, making it easy and fast to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Netlinkz products in manufacturing

How does VSN improve IoT Network Security?

IoT networks have multiple purposes where their devices report monitored and controlled data, yet, their networks often suffer from privacy and security issues. Without adequate protection, IoT networks can, via data consumption channels, provide a gateway into an enterprise’s trusted systems for attack.

Virtual Secure Network technology allows organisations to directly transfer information between selected IoT devices across a flexible yet secure data plane which significantly increases network capabilities and security on existing infrastructure.

How does VSN improve Protection of data and devices?

Netlinkz can securely deploy VSN using cloud platforms connecting directly to IoT solutions and ensure data security across selected devices (ie. plant and machinery, control systems, or sensors).

VSN can also provide secure communication channels into IoT networks through micro-segmentation, for the purposes of remote management and control. This makes VSN an extremely flexible and secure networking solution.

How does VSN improve costs and usability?

VSN overlays across any existing network and requires near zero-touch client configuration – making VSN easy to deploy. VSN can also be employed in the cloud, to control access to IoT data.

IoT data consumers (such as sales, operations and finance personnel) can also be divided into groups, so that they have time-boxed access to only the data they need, making VSN cost-effective and easy to use.

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