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Powering the increasingly autonomous and connected world of healthcare.

Powering the increasingly autonomous and connected world of healthcare. The flood of new healthcare technology infrastructure, such as health monitors, automatic drug administration systems, and radiological equipment, is becoming increasingly autonomous and connected.

Secure Data

Netlinkz helps secure medical records from security breaches and unauthorised third-party access.

Device Protection

Netlinkz helps protect smart devices from unauthorised access through micro-segmentation.

Network Reliability

Netlinkz helps secure essential healthcare infrastructure.

Rapid Deployment

Netlinkz deploys with zero-touch client configuration, making it easy and fast to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about security in Healthcare

How does VSN improve Health Care Security?

Healthcare organisations rely heavily on having secure and reliable infrastructure to deal with patient health record data and collaboration between healthcare professionals. Without security and reliability, networks can easily be breached or interrupted, delaying information which can be life threatening and of high-risk to healthcare providers’ patients.

Virtual Secure Network technology allows organisations to directly communicate between devices across a secure data plane which significantly increases security on their existing operational infrastructure.

How does VSN improve protection of data and devices?

Netlinkz securely deploy VSN into the cloud as the technology directly connects data securely across selected devices (ie. patient monitoring machines or doctor’s tablets). Through micro-segmentation, operators can dictate how they share or prohibit data from being shared within their organisation.

VSN can be used to securely connect multiple healthcare providers allowing collaboration at remote sites, through local clinics, specialists, hospitals to ensure a better outcome for all.

How does VSN improve reliability and costs?

VSN is an overlay across any existing network and can be deployed without additional hardware. Netlinkz works with businesses to ensure VSN deployments are close to zero-touch configuration making it easy to deploy.

The overlay provides encrypted peer-to-peer and mesh connections, reducing bandwidth consumption and allowing individuals to securely control how they share or block data within the organisation which can also increase reliability and speed of data transfer.

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