Secure all your
important “things”.

IoT devices and ecosystems create massive advantages for enterprises. They do, however, also create opportunities for cyber threats. To avoid losing data and costly disruptions, enterprises need to secure all devices, data transfers and storage within an encrypted, invisible private network.

How IoT Protect secures
your smart devices

Without IoT Protect

As they come, devices and things are insecure, resulting in privacy risks. Furthermore, when standard security solutions are added, they suffer from poor performance while still susceptible to hackers.

Pain points

Direct traffic from IoT devices to data analysis platforms, storage, and management is unencrypted, making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In addition, performance issues can arise due to the nature of the underlying connections and attempts to secure infrastructure.

IoT Protect installation

A VSN Edge is deployed in front of the cameras and the Central IoT Management System while End-users install the multi-platform VSN Client app on their devices and authenticate to the VSN Orchestrator using details provided by Netlinkz.

This process is straightforward and can be completed quickly without disruption to operations.

IoT Protect – how it works

Authenticated VSN Clients and VSN Edges connect to the configured closest VSN NaaS PoP. This creates a private network rendering all devices on your system completely secure and invisible to hackers and cyber threats.

IoT Protect – activated

On top of this with IoT Protect all live data and transfers between devices, analysis and storage will be encrypted at the highest level(AES256). Routing between end-points is optimised regardless of your existing systems infrastructure.

Safeguard your critical IoT projects

An IoT smart grid enables two-way communication between connected devices and hardware that sense and respond to user demands. A smart grid is more resilient and less costly than common power infrastructure.

A hacked smart-grid could leave 000’s of businesses and people without power causing massive disruption and expense.

IoT based Smart Farming improves the entire agriculture system by monitoring the field in real-time. With the help of sensors and interconnectivity, the Internet of Things can not only saved the time of the farmers but has also reduced the extravagant use of resources such as water and electricity.

If not secured hackers could waste valuable natural resources and put the food supply of many people at risk.

Connected vehicles and software products ensure optimal allocation of inventory, shipping, distribution as well as maintenance and security.

Hacked devices can stop delivery of vital products and increase costs by massively decreasing efficiency.

Governing bodies and engineers can use IoT to analyze the often complex aspects of city planning and management. IoT simplifies examining various factors such as population growth, zoning, mapping, water supply, transportation patterns, social services, and land use.

An at risks device could compromise government funds as well as the privacy, health and wellbeing of large communities.

Regardless of the security challenge,

Netlinkz VSN will protect you

By combining zero-trust security, military-grade encryption and creating a private cloud network that makes your organisation invisible to hackers, your users, data and devices have never been more secure – even against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Man-in-the-middle attack

When the attackers secretly position themselves between cameras and recorders who believe they are directly communicating with each other - the attacker can syphon off sensitive footage and alter the communications between the two devices. CCTV Protect makes your system invisible to these attackers.


Botnets can use smart, connected devices to transfer private, sensitive corporate data, which are on the dark web, or to disable a device. IoT Protect makes your devices and network hidden, meaning the malware that sets up Botnets can't see them or infect them.

Encryption Attacks

When an IoT device is unencrypted (as most are), cyber-assailants can install their algorithms and take control of your system, causing massive disruptions to operations and business costs. IoT Protect provides the encryption necessary as part of your cyber security efforts.


A hacker intercepts network traffic to steal sensitive information via a weakened connection between an IoT device and a server. Eavesdropping is typically done to steal and sell sensitive corporate data. IoT Protect encrypts all communications with the highest available security, securing them from such attacks.

Secure all types of IoT platforms

These are typically marketed as “end-to-end” IoT platforms because they may include all the services you need, including connectivity and device management.

But using smart factories, consumer and home applications, and medical devices provide hackers with many areas to attack.

However, IoT Protect secures all these points with the highest levels of encryption and creates an invisible private network of all parts of the cloud platform.

Devices such as connected cars or industrial IoT often rely on cellular or LPWAN to connect to your network, meaning the IoT data must flow through a highly vulnerable cellular network before reaching you.

IoT Protect secures this transfer through the highest levels of encryption and makes your devices invisible. You are taking a very exposed system and making it as secure as possible.

IoT device platforms give you the hardware components you need at the developer stage 
to build an IoT system.

Whether your enterprise uses off-the-shelf or custom hardware, IoT Protect ensures that these devices will not be hackable back doors into your network.

Ultimately, the value of the Internet of Things is not the devices — it’s the data they gather and the insights they can provide.

Many IoT cloud platforms give you some security, but if you need machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) processing, you will need to secure your presence on the platforms that provide these services.

IoT Protect ensures whatever platforms your enterprise uses to analyse data, your whole network will be secure.