Secure your enterprise
one frame at a time.

Too many businesses assume their CCTV systems are secure. But they are not as most CCTV camera vendors don’t encrypt live feeds. Your feeds need to be be securely transmitted, integrity checked to avoid data loss, disruption to business, and potential breaches of privacy obligations.

How CCTV protect secures
your surveillance system

Without CCTV Protect

Existing smart camera solutions are non-secure, resulting in privacy risks. In addition, when standard security solutions are added, systems experience poor performance.

Pain points

Live feeds between cameras, storage and management, are unencrypted, making it vulnerable to cyber attack. And they may also experience performance issues due to the nature of the underlying connectivity.

CCTV Protect installation

A VSN Edge is deployed in front of the cameras and the video management system while end-users install the multi-platform VSN Client app on their devices and authenticate to the VSN Orchestrator using details provided by Netlinkz.

This process is straightforward and can be completed quickly without disruption to operations.

CCTV Protect – how it works

Authenticated VSN Clients and VSN Edges connect to the configured closest VSN NaaS PoP creating a private network and rendering your CCTV system completely secure and invisible to hackers and cyber threats.

CCTV Protect – activated

With CCTV Protect, all the live feeds, data transfers between cameras, viewing and storage will be encrypted at the highest level (AES256). On top of this, routing between end-points is optimised regardless of your existing systems infrastructure.

Safeguard your critical video 

whatever the application

Asset monitoring’s objective is to allow a business never to lose sight of its assets and staff while providing automated systems to increase efficiency.

When hacked, the operations and high-value assets immediately become at risk. Therefore, protecting their protection is a must.

Every year, enterprises and governments spend millions on infrastructure, and their ROI can depend on their efficient use.

However, a hacked CCTV system can give false information on the success of infrastructure projects and give incorrect insights for maintenance and planning teams.

Organisations need CCTV systems to understand if something is happening in real-time on the facilities and sites to keep their people safe and their machinery protected.

A compromised CCTV system means equipment could be irrevocably damaged, and lives can be lost.

CCTV helps improve patient safety; reduces unauthorised access into sensitive areas such as drug stores; external threats such as intruders and vandals; increases the perception of safety; quickens the response to duress events and post-incident review.

A hacked CCTV system leaves hospitals etc., vulnerable to a broader range of terrible outcomes.

Regardless of the security challenge,

Netlinkz VSN will protect you

By combining zero-trust security, military-grade encryption and creating a private cloud network that makes your organisation invisible to hackers, your users, data and devices have never been more secure – even against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Man-in-the-middle attack

When the attackers secretly position themselves between cameras and recorders who believe they are directly communicating with each other - the attacker can syphon off sensitive footage and alter the communications between the two devices. CCTV Protect makes your system invisible to these attackers.


Installing malware requires network access to the camera. CCTV Protect successfully reduces the number of threats by not allowing direct exposure to the Internet.


Hackers leverage cash from enterprises by denying access to footage recorded and the failure of a potentially critical security system. Not allowing direct exposure to the Internet, CCTV Protect reduces the number of possible opportunities for threat actors.

Denial of Service

A denial-of-service attack works by inundating the targeted host or network with traffic until the target cannot respond or crashes. Cameras can be used as threat vectors to launch DoS attacks - but CCTV Protect ensures they cannot be backdoors for malicious attacks.

Easy integration with any style 

of surveillance system

Once authenticated, CCTV Protect creates an invisible secure network between remote viewers accessing the on-prem network video recorders.


CCTV Protect establishes:

  • View live feeds securely from an on-site video recorder.
  • Integrity checked and securely stored on-site.
  • Access and manage remotely, free from the risk of cyber threats.

Once users and devices are authenticated, CCTV Protect creates an invisible secure network between all cameras and the centralised off-site video-recording system.


CCTV Protect establishes:

  • Securely capture live feeds and transfer them to a remote video recorder.
  • Integrity checked and securely stored once sent to remote video recorder.
  • Access footage and manage remotely, free from the risk of cyber threats.

CCTV Protect can easily protect a Video management system housed in the public or private cloud. Secure your cameras, encoders, recording, storage infrastructure, and analytics software regardless of location in an invisible private network.


CCTV Protect establishes:

  • Capture live feeds and date and securely transfer to cloud video manager.
  • Integrity is checked and securely stored once sent to the cloud video manager.
  • Access data and footage and manage remotely, free from cyber threats.