Personalised connectivity
for every enterprise user


A connection that originates from the user-device to create a personal connection with its own authentication, security policies and performance SLAs.


Although maybe aware of application layers, the focus is connectivity layers predominantly the layer 3 and 4 of the OSI stack.


A solution that is designed for enterprise organisations with 200-750 employees.


Focused on optimising user-experience and not infrastructure.


Our vision is to personalize connectivity for every Enterprise user


Our mission is to disrupt the SD-WAN and Remote access VPN markets, by offering an infrastructure independent service, delivered as NaaS, to empower a new level of user-experience that is always-on, secure, and performance optimized.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are customer centricity, employee brilliance, purposefulness, and profitability.


Our 12-month goal is to maximize shareholder value through development of disruptive market propositions, new-logo-acquisitions, and profitable and sustainable market differentiation.


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At Netlinkz, we are passionate about securing the world, one device at a time. Our diverse team comprises of some of the world’s most
skilled and talented people in their respective fields.

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