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The VSN Orchestrator

The VSN Orchestrator is a multi-tenanted service SaaS platform. It acts as the central repository for user and device policies as well as the collection and visualisation engine, generating real-time insights into VSN operations.

It keeps customer configurations in “tenancies”: each dedicated tenancy in the VSN Orchestrator hosts VSN Client configurations, VSN Edge configurations, user credentials and performance reporting data.

The Netlinkz VSN Orchestrator maintains strict, secure partitioning between tenants, their network policies and infrastructure, ensuring tenants’ complete privacy.

It has a central policy system offering configuration-and-assurance functions and managing the lifecycle of connected clients/edges as well as CDRs for billing purposes

The VSN Orchestrator hosted solution allows Enterprises to simplify solution onboarding, minimise cost of infrastructure resources as well as freeing IT staff from complex integrations and lifecycle management activities.

Note #1: A proxy will be required to mediate and secure communications between the orchestrator edges and client agents.

Note #2: The VSN orchestrator is also referenced as Virtual Secure Manager (VSM).