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The VSN NaaS

Netlinkz’s global Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform allows customers in different regions of the world to utilize the Netlinkz Virtual Secure Network (VSN) product to access their corporate applications in a performant, secure fashion.

NaaS means optimizing the resources required by Netlinkz VSN software by considering network and computing resources as a unified whole. Through the VSN Global NaaS, Netlinkz offers its enterprise customers the ability to buy network resources and connectivity as a service that can be managed and adapted to their own specific needs, on-demand.

In fact, the biggest advantage of NaaS is the complete control, scalability, and visibility that businesses can gain; virtually, there is endless flexibility for network capacity and scalability, and this flexibility also extends to the location of the business and of course, pricing models.

Shifting network services to the cloud saves the cost of investing in and running network infrastructure. This is guaranteed to result in immense cost savings for businesses that are running applications with hundreds or thousands of users, and for companies with seasonal or sudden burst in workload, NaaS allows instant ramp up and down of network capacity with just a few clicks.

NaaS means tighter integration between the network and network security. A NaaS provides both on-premises and cloud-based security to meet today’s businesses needs like but not limited to connecting users to applications and data from the office, from home and on the go. It is intended to protect users from threats wherever they work and to help ensure the right access level to those applications and data.

The VSN NaaS Edges form the global backbone for Netlinkz VNS NaaS offering. VSN NaaS Edges talk to VSN Clients and Edges for connections, performance measurements and telemetry as well as performing inter-working functions for inter-operability with non-Netlinkz systems and users.