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The VSN Client

The VSN Client is the personalised connection manager for the user, interoperating with the end-point operating system to secure and assure the customer’s experience over the lifetime of the user connection. In other words – a performance aware, secure VPN client!

The VSN Client gets installed on end-devices consuming and publishing configuration and telemetry from/to orchestrator. Furthermore, the VSN Client is the policy enforcement point authorising and actioning configured policies.

The VSN Client is responsible for:

  • Authorising user (ZTA) to access encrypted personalised connection.
  • Establishing and maintaining personalised connections to other clients or edges (mesh, hub-spoke, point-to-point).
  • Continuous monitoring of tunnel/path performance.
  • Tunnel selection-based tunnel/path performance.
  • KPI monitoring, collection, and telemetry exportation.

The VSN Client is deployed per client and based on device operating system. For every customer device to access the Netlinkz VSN solution, a VSN client needs to be installed/deployed. Device OS based applications distributed via device app-stores or Netlinkz hosted repositories.

The client agents (regardless of the respective distributed packaging) will be modelled on: