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Virtual Secure Network

A breakthrough in connectivity security, speed, and simplicity

Enterprise workforce has shifted in support of hybrid working. As users become more mobile, their connectivity should follow them ensuring consistent availability, security and performance.

The Netlinkz Virtual Security Network (VSN) platform is an enterprise-grade intelligent networking solution that allows Enterprises to manage the  connectivity of their hybrid and mobile workforce, multi-cloud deployments and offices, all from a central cloud-hosted location.

The VSN is a distributed, hardware/software-based platform, comprising of a unified orchestrator and various edge and client form-factors designed to optimise deployments. The VSN platform is infrastructure independent and thus can be securely deployed over any access medium – fixed, wireless, cellular, private or public.

VSN Orchestrator

The VSN Orchestrator is a unified control plane for enabling and managing access to your VSN. VSN Orchestrator allows the management of individual users, cloud based virtual networks, on-premises networks both physical and virtual.

VSN Edge

The VSN Edge is a hardware/software appliance that aggregates devices and user connections across the Enterprise regardless of location.

VSN Client

Download VSN Client from the app-store, install, click and connect. A secure and encrypted connection on-ramp to your VSN and corporate resources.

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