Simple to connect without compromising on security or speed

Designed for small businesses with big ambitions, VSN Express is created to future-proof your network today, giving your whole business end-to-end security and excellent connectivity without having to shell out for expensive on-premises hardware.

Our patented technology is built cloud-first and installed by simply downloading our app. And using the straightforward interface you can centrally control and optimise your teams access and performance with ease. Lowering your IT expenses and empowering your team to work freely and securely in any location, on any device and any operating system.

The perfect network security solution for:

  • 1-25 staff

  • A desire or need for flexible remote work

  • Collaboration across cloud applications

  • Simple deployment 
and easy onboarding

  • Zero-trust security
  • Creates ‘private’ network
  • Works on any operating system
  • Secure devices, IoT and AI
  • Zero-touch installation
  • Easy centralised management
  • Per-user pricing
  • No new hardware required
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How VSN Express works better for your business

Without VSN Express

Remote workers currently collaborate using bare Internet connections for specific applications requiring a point-to-point connection.

Pain points

Direct traffic between end-points (e.g., real-time applications like voice and video) is unencrypted making it vulnerable to cyber attack and it may also experience performance issues due to the nature of Internet.

VSN Express installation

End-users install the multi-platform VSN Client app on their device (mobile, laptop, workstation) and authenticate to the VSN Orchestrator using details provided by VSN administrators.

This process is incredibly easy and can be completed by someone with a limited technical background.

VSN Express – How it works

Authenticated VSN Clients connect to the configured closest VSN NaaS PoP forming a private VSN

VSN Express – activated

Thanks to VSN, all the traffic between end-users will be encrypted with the highest level of encryption available in the market (AES256), and routing between end-points optimized regardless of the underlying connectivity technology (e.g., Internet)

Protect your business without compromise

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers


VSN Express helps by:

  • Implementing Zero-Trust Access
  • Making collaboration invisible
  • Controlling application access

Malware is a cyber attack that executes unauthorised actions on the victim’s system. Three main types of malware include: trojan horse, virus, and worm.


VSN Express helps by:

  • Creating a private corporate network
  • Protecting the company’s confidentiality
  • Hiding end-users from attackers

Ransomware, as the name suggests, holds a company’s critical information e.g. passwords, credit card information, files, databases, applications, and other valuable assets for ransom:


VSN Express helps by:

  • Minimise external facing footprint
  • Controlling individual access on devices
  • Secures every device

An eavesdropping attack where attackers interrupt an existing conversation or data transfer. After inserting themselves, the attackers pretend to be both participants:


VSN Express helps by:

  • Encrypted transfers
  • Strong centrally controlled networks
  • Make your network “invisible”

VSN Express versus
Client-to-Client market offerings

Capabilities Wholesale Products Service based e.g. Nord, Ghost Appliance based Tech based e.g Cisco, Fortinet
WAN Optimisation
Avoid traffic hair pinning via concentrators
Hybrid hardware and software offering
BYOD Support
Zero-trust network access
  • Full capability
  • High capability
  • Some capability
  • Minor capability
  • No capability

Fast. Simple. Secure.

VSN Express delivers more than any business VPN in the market.

3 step hardware-free set-up

Find the product that suits you and follow the steps to create an account.

Download the Virtual Secure Network (VSN) we’ve tailored to your business’ needs.

Start using your security solution across your whole organisation within hours.

Performance you can trust

Avoid local internet traffic by leveraging your Netlinkz dedicated network

Zero-touch installation means onboarding takes mere minutes.

The highest levels of encryption and security keep your business secure.

Frequently asked questions

How is VSN Express so secure?

The VSN combines the advanced features of SD-WAN with the power of client VPN, rendering your business essentially “invisible” to the internet by combining identify-based access and encrypted communications regardless of their physical locale or access infrastructure.

How easy is VSN Express to install?

Each team member downloads the Netlinkz mobile app from the marketplace/App-store and installs on their PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet. Users authenticate to VSN Orchestrator using details provided by VSN administrator. Authenticated VSN users connect to configured/closest Edge forming a private network.

How easy is VSN Express to use?

VSN Client are deployed on PC/MAC/IOS/Android and work with all major cloud apps letting you hit the ground running. Security access is centralised through VSN Orchestrator – a simple intuitively designed UI that makes VSN Express easy to control and adjust for anyone.

How is VSN Express so affordable?

As a completely cloud-first, OS and platform agnostic design VSN Express requires no expensive hardware, no complex modifications and no high level IT experience to run. With an individual focus VSN Express is priced per user, so there are no upfront fees or large sunk costs for deployment.

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