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Water Safety Infrastructure


Project funded by the World Bank to provide safe drinking water for the city of Chengdu (population: 81 million people);

  • Water plant must sample the water supply from remote and geographically dispersed locations;
  • Data samples are processed in public cloud platforms;
  • Headquarter and subsidiaries must have secure access to the data platform to analyse the processed results to optimise their operation;


  • Remote Access: Add sensors and cameras to the network to replace manual meter reading;
  • Provide Network: Remote sites;
  • Secure Data Transfer: All data and links must be highly secure;
  • Network Management Simplification: A unified platform that manages all network equipment remotely.


Limited Network Access of Equipment:

  • Numerous sensors & cameras are scattered over vast geographic area
    without cabled telco services;
  • The terrain would make cable trenching economically unviable, if not

Security Considerations:

  • Unsecured internet connectivity could compromise data integrity and
    potentially disrupt supply of safe, drinkable water;
  • Need to secure network to stop hackers disrupting edge devices ;

Lack of Unified Network Management :

  • Various types and large number of existing network infrastructures
    without effective management platform dramatically impact the
    scalability and flexibility of the network.

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