Our passion is to make networking simple, fast, secure and cost effective.

About NetLinkz

NetLinkz patented technology provides a flexible, efficient, secure, & cost effective Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution connecting any sites, to any devices, anywhere on any network with ease.

The Problem: Outdated Firewall & VPN Technology

The growth in consumption of cloud solutions and mobility are driving increased demands and complexity on the WAN.

The traditional firewall and VPN architectures are too inflexible to meet these demands and too expensive to continually manage and re-configure on an ongoing basis.

Private networks are too expensive to throw at the problem, and IT departments typically do not have the resources to deploy and maintain these solutions.

Our partners need a software defined solution that can be setup in minutes not weeks that will allow them to securely connect to cloud servers, offices, branches and mobile users securely, efficiently and cost effectively leveraging any public IP networks.

Link Software

Deploying a NetLinkz solutions is as simple as downloading and installing the correct Link Software on your device. Point the software at the Link Platform with the relevant authentication (which can be synchronised to Active Directory) and your fully meshed peer-to-peer (P2P) network will be established over any IP network anywhere in the world, securely and efficiently. Being P2P means you are never more than one hop away from destination offering a lightning fast end user experience.

We’ve created the software for you to deploy.

This software is installed on physical and virtual computer devices (e.g. servers, desktops, laptops) requiring permanent or temporary connections.

Hosted by Netlinkz or your chosen service provider or hosted privately, the Link platform is installed on a single physical or virtual server. This multi-tenant software provides the P2P Technology, Management Tools and Broker Service for your Link connections.

This software is installed on physical or virtual servers to create gateways between a private network (cloud or on-premise) and the SD-WANs.

We also provide consultancy services to Cloud and OEM partners, so they can deliver the best customer experience.


NetLinkz SD-WAN enables every-day computer users to easily
establish previously complex network connections in minutes.

New Possibilities

NetLinkz offer our solutions globally through key distributors and their network of resellers. Our solution offer resellers the ability to:

Create some competitive differentiation of your solution offerings.
Solves cloud connectivity issues quickly and cost effectively.
Offer your customer significant WAN savings to help justify other projects.
Offer next generation WAN solutions without expensive training and upskilling.
Ongoing revenues and managed services opportunities.

NetLinkz software can also be customised and offered to OEM’s and Cloud Solution providers to be embedded into their products, providing effortless, secure connectivity from the Cloud to the premises or to add SD-WAN to basic network devices, or as part of the service provider offering.


The following are some examples of how our SD-WAN technology can be used to solve customer problems.

Cloud Connectivity

Establish Cloud to On-Premise network connections

Hybrid Cloud

Extend your current network to include Cloud and Mobility.


Establish On-Premise to On-Premise network connections


Software, manuals and guides required to implement your NetLinkz Link solution

Amplified Security

Our technology makes Fortune-500 security commercially available for organizations of all sizes. We have received numerous industry awards for this innovation at the highest level, including worldwide winner of the Global Security Challenge. Since winning these awards, the problems associated with inadequate network segmentation have worsened with the proliferation of cloud technology and mobile computing.

The cost and complexity associated with needing to deploy a number of systems to stop many attack vectors. Currently, there is no silver bullet (single product) to stop many different types of attack. We believe the solution requires a unified approach. That's why we built a the capability into the Link platform to rapidly deploying security solutions across the network.
Because today's security products were designed to reside behind the firewall, they receive a whole new level of effectiveness, scalability and delivery across networks when deployed in or around our software platform.

Penetration Tested

Our software products have been idependently tested for known extreme, high, medium, and low risk vulnerabilities and rated according the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). During these extensive assessments, our technology has been proven to deceive the attacker(s) and hide networks locally and over the Internet.

Providing penetration-tested software saves you significant amounts of time, money and resources for compliance and assurance purposes.